#NoWar2020 Schedule

An international coalition of individuals and organizations is converging on Ottawa for #NoWar2020, to say No to CANSEC, Canada’s biggest annual weapons expo. #CancelCANSEC

#NoWar2020 marks World BEYOND War’s 5th annual global conference. Register here! A week of activities from May 26-31 includes activism workshops & trainings, panel discussions, film screenings, art, music, dance, and nonviolent action. View speakers’ bios.

♣ Indicates sessions sponsored by the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space.
◊ Indicates free admission events.
∗ Indicates sessions that will be livestreamed on World BEYOND War’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. Audiovisual and streaming services are provided by Essential Dissent.

Sunday, May 24

20h: Lee Camp Live Show at the Mayfair Theater, 1074 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3X3. Get tickets!

Tuesday, May 26

15h to 19h: Screenprinting Workshop courtesy of the SAW Art + Protest Initiative at Club SAW, 67 Nicholas St, Ottawa ON K1N 7B9 ◊
19h to 21h: Nonviolence Action Training in Preparation for CANSEC Protests at Club SAW, 67 Nicholas St, Ottawa ON K1N 7B9 ◊

Wednesday, May 27

All Day starting 6h30 to 15h00: Protests at CANSEC featuring Live Music & Speeches ◊
17h30 to 19h30: Canadian Voice of Women for Peace 60th Anniversary, Free Public Reception, Parliament Hill ◊
20h to 22h: Free Film Screening of Not In Our Name, the story of 9 people who took on an international arms company and won. Followed by a panel discussion with Yves Engler, Simon Black, and Brent Patterson. Moderator: Tamara Lorincz. ◊

Thursday, May 28

All Day starting 6h30 to 15h00: Protests at CANSEC featuring Live Music & Speeches ◊
19h to 22h: Canadian Voice of Women for Peace 60th Anniversary Dinner & Keynote (Ticketed Event; Details coming soon)

Friday, May 29

10h to 12h: Family-friendly Peace & Economic Conversion Rally & March starting at the Office of the Prime Minister, with stops and speeches (and music and dance) along the way at the War Memorial, the U.S. Embassy, and concluding at the Peacekeeping Monument. Featuring Medea Benjamin, Siana Bangura, David Swanson, Te Ao Pritchard, Brent Patterson, and The Raging Grannies. ◊
13h to 16h: Annual General Meeting for Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space (open to the public) ♣ ◊
16h to 19h: Opening Reception & Check-In for #NoWar2020 Conference featuring expo booths, activity stations, art exhibitions, food & drink, and live music.
19h to 19h30: Land Recognition & Welcoming Remarks for #NoWar2020 Conference with Greta Zarro, Tamara Lorincz, Colin Stuart, and Bruce Gagnon. ∗
19h45 to 21h: Panel: Shutting Down Weapons Expos with Richard Sanders, Te Ao Pritchard, and Siana Bangura. ∗
21h30 to 23h: Meet-and-Greet with World BEYOND War Staff & Chapters featuring David Swanson, Leah Bolger, Greta Zarro, Alex McAdams, Phill Gittins, Helen Peacock, Furquan Gehlen, and Liz Remmerswaal. ◊

Saturday, May 30: #NoWar2020 Conference

8h: Doors open for tabling and networking

9h to 10h30: Panel: The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade with Kathy Kelly & Anthony Fenton.

11h to 12h30: Panel: Star Wars: 21st Century Missile Defence with Dave Webb & Bruce Gagnon. Moderator: Mary Beth Sullivan. ♣ ∗

12h30 to 14h: Lunch
Optional Lunchtime Discussion Groups:

  • Divesting from the Military Machine: Tax resistance to paying for the military began in North America over 300 years ago. Let’s talk about the practicality and efficacy of refusing to pay for war. Moderator: Doug Hewitt-White.
  • War’s Ecological Impact: One of the most destructive of human behaviors, war is a leading contributor to the environmental crisis. We’ll examine the military’s carbon “bootprint” and strategies for demilitarization. Moderator: Tamara Lorincz.
  • Weapons in Space and the Conversion of the MIC: Who cares about an arms race in space? Is it far away and in the future? Let’s talk about what is going on with Space Force and the need to transform the war machine. Moderators: Bruce Gagnon and Mary Beth Sullivan. ♣
  • Militarism in the Media: A dialogue examining how news, entertainment and social media all contribute to inciting and sustaining support for war. We will discuss the roles of: selective reportage; the promotion of racial, ethnic and religious stereotypes; propaganda; and both old and new forms of disinformation. We ask, “What can we do to change news practices to better inform citizens in a changing media world?” Moderators: Peter Jones and Karl Nerenberg.
  • Veterans For Peace Meetup: A meetup for veterans turned anti-war activists. Moderator: Leah Bolger.
  • BIPOC Meetup. Moderator: Te Ao Pritchard and Siana Bangura.

14h15 to 15h15: Keynote: Decolonization & Demilitarization of Our Communities. ∗

15h45 to 17h15: Workshops & Trainings:

  • Divestment Workshop: Money makes the world go around, and we all know the expression “follow the money” but how do we find the money trail, and what then? Join this workshop to learn tools and tactics to cut off the flow of money to the weapons industry. From research, to advocacy, to action, there are options for everyone. Workshop Facilitator: Susi Snyder.
  • Civilian-Based Defense – A World Beyond War through Present-Day Struggles and Deterrent Civil Resistance: Nonviolent, unarmed social resistance has been used by citizens around the world to protect their land, institutions, culture and resources with sometimes astonishing results compared to military, armed defense. This workshop will look at case studies and draw from participants’ experiences to examine how to apply massive, strategic noncooperation and defiance to protect society from invasion and occupation, including efforts to ward off modern dangers such as those of extractive industries, economic predation, and the rise of right-wing demagoguery. What if building a world beyond war could start with a practice and mastery of strategic nonviolent social resistance in the here and now? Workshop Facilitator: Philippe Duhamel.
  • Nonviolence Strategies – 101 Solutions to Violence, Terror, and War: War is not a rational response to conflict in a time of climate chaos. We cannot gain stability through mass destruction. Learning from real life examples of successful nonviolent interventions, participants will brainstorm and share creative alternatives to armed violence. From this exercise we will identify some of the principles that are effective at the personal, community and international level. Workshop Facilitator: Mary-Wynne Ashford.

17h30 to 19h: Panel: Demilitarize to Decarbonize: Conversion for a Peaceful, Just, and Green Future with Medea Benjamin, Tamara Lorincz, and David Swanson. ∗

Sunday, May 31

10h45 to 12h45: Rebuilding the Canadian Peace Movement – Strategy Meeting (open to the public)